What Are Your Favorite Wrestlers Doing Today?



For those who are big followers of WWE, it is apparent why the franchise has remained so popular over the years. Not only does WWE highlight talented wrestlers who can show off their skills and fitness achievements, but it also provides a source of entertainment for at-home viewers. Since WWE has been around for so long, some of the very well-known wrestlers are no longer as active in the business post-retirement. We’ve created a list to check out what your favorite WWE wrestlers have been up to in recent days.

Big Show – $20 Million
When he first started, his nickname was more basic and he was called The Giant, but later on, he started using his new nickname, Big Show, which audiences remember him as. Big Show has been a world champion seven times and aside from wrestling, he has ventured into acting as well. He has been in quite a few films and TV shows, with one of his biggest acting gigs being the 2010 comedy Knucklehead. His career earnings are currently estimated to be around $20 million.

Tugboat – Unknown
Fred Ottman had nicknames that were spot on. An absolute beast, the Tugboat was Hulk Hogan’s ally at one point and later became part of the group The Natural Disasters (where he earned his other nickname, the Typhoon). Back in 2001, he quit wrestling entirely and embarked on a pretty normal job – he became a safety manager in Florida. In addition, he became a coach of his two sons’ little league teams. Though his net worth is not really known, we are pretty sure Fred is now enjoying retirement after his “normal” career as well as a successful wrestling career.

Kane – $9 Million
Glenn Thomas Jacobs, also known as Kane, is now 51 years old but is still part of WWE, performing occasionally for SmackDown. His fame grew even more when he became a businessman, an actor, and even a politician. He was cast in the pretty successful 2016 film See No Evil, and he became the mayor of Knox County in 2018. Aside from that, Glenn is an insurer, so it is not really surprising that his net worth is now $9 million.

The Ultimate Warrior- Deceased
Most people know James Brian Hellwig as The Ultimate Warrior, but he actually had other names like The Warrior and the Dingo Warrior. Did you know that he was so into his character that he changed his real name into Warrior back in 1993? Before he passed away, there were rumors and conspiracy theories that went around saying that he had died a long time ago and another wrestler was appearing under his name. However, he did pass away in 2014, at only 54 years old, after suffering a heart attack.

Ric Flair – $3 Million
Let us take a look at wrestling history and Rick Flair’s successful 40-year career. One of the all-time greatest wrestlers, Rick is officially a 16-time world champion, though he claims that he was actually the world champion for a total of 21 times. Just like other pro wrestlers, he has also made many appearances on television. He unfortunately went through some rough times when his pro wrestler son passed away due to a heroin overdose.

Macho Man- Deceased
Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, this name is surely one that you recognize. Macho Man Randy Savage went on to become a household name and remains as one of the all-time greatest wrestlers to have set foot in the ring. He enjoyed a 32-year career and won an astounding 29 titles. Like other wrestlers, he also made appearances in films and TV shows, including more famous ones, such as Ready to Rumble, Baywatch,Spider-Man, etc. In 2011, he sadly died in a car crash, and the autopsy revealed he had a heart disease which he didn’t even knew about.

Rey Mysterio – Estimated $10m
Another famous masked man, Rey Mysterio, who was born Oscar Gutierrez, is known for his masks that are similar to Lucha Libre wrestlers. He rose to fame in the ‘90s and 2000s due to his distinctive wrestling style. During his ten-year career, he won major titles, such as the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, and WWE Cruiserweight Championship, all of which earned him the title King of Mystery. There is something definitely going on here since he still looks like the way he did ten years ago! Wearing his trademark masks, Rey Mysterio is still in wrestling, but he is now in Lucha Underground and on independent wrestling shows, including House of Glory, QPW, and Black Destiny Wrestling.

Razor Ramon – $3 Million
Back in the ‘80s, Scott Oliver Hall or Razor Ramon decided to go professional, but it was only in the ‘90s when he finally made it big, having debuted in his first WWF and WCW. From that point on, he has managed to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship four times. Sadly, his health hasn’t been the best recently and he’s been in the hospital several times for things, such as double pneumonia, low blood pressure, and seizures.

Lex Luger – $3 Million
One of the best wrestlers ever, Lex Luger became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and won the United States Championship five times. He also tried competing in the WWF though he did not win anything. He was paralyzed in 2007 because of a nerve impingement, but thankfully, he was able to recover, and became healthy again by 2010. WWE employs him and he is involved in their wellness policy.